Helping Each Other

Natural disasters, such as a hurricane, tornado, fire or blizzard, can displace people who are full time in their RV, away from home, or even using an RV for temporary housing.

You can help those that are displaced by offering a parking place at no cost for predetermined maximum amount of time.

When there is a state or national disaster that we can support, check back here for specific information. Or simply create an account and you will be automatically notified.

Recently Opened Spots:

What is this?

A web site that connects property owners that have a parking spot with RV travelers that need a place to stop for the night.

What does it cost?

FREE for anyone to signup. Hosts determine their own pricing. When a Traveler pays a Host, we collect a small fee from the transaction.

How is it different?

For property owners: earn extra income by hosting an RV traveler on your property.

For RV travelers: find a spot online and book, pay, and get all of the details instantly for a stopover.

For RV Parks: Accept guests and get paid upon their scheduled arrival time without having to meet and greet.

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When did this happen?

We're brand new, and just getting started. Sign up with us and be part of something great!

How do I get started?

For Hosts: just click or touch the Host menu.

For Travelers: just click or touch the Find menu, and type in a US city or state.