What is Hosting on ParkRestnGo.com?

Private Property, April 2020

ParkRestnGo.com is like Airbnb, except instead of renting a room or a house, you rent a parking spot for an RV traveler. We only have hosts that rent parking spots. Your parking spot can be something very simple—like a bare dirt or gravel pad, or a purpose-built parking pad with full hookups.

You decide what you want to charge for parking. We recommend that you start out at a low price point, $10 or $20 per night, depending on amenities. Once you get a steady flow of travelers, you can raise your prices as supply and demand dictate.

ParkRestnGo.com is the booking service that allows RV Travelers to discover parking spots that have been setup by Hosts, view their availability calendar, and immediately book and pre-pay for parking with the Host. ParkRestnGo.com holds the funds until checkin time, and then sends the payment to the Host, less a small fee for the booking service.

Dwayne Domi, CEO

I'm a tech entrepreneur and software developer, and the founder and CEO of Codasity, Inc. dba ParkRestnGo.com.

I'm also an RV Traveler (full time) and I was a 5 star Airbnb Superhost. This is my blog page about ParkRestnGo.com. I'm generally always available by email (dwaynedomi@gmail.com) or text (619-922-1444).


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